Care Men and Women

We offer our services to care for both men and women.

In addition to beauty treatments, Lumi’Art offers individual advice Bach flower therapy and massage with essential oils.

Lumi’Art is also offering slimming wraps to clay, with guaranteed results and visible from the first session.


We also offer a range of therapeutic treatments:

  • Preparation Bach flower
  • Energy massage with essential oils as well as Reiki

Our products

Logo Cellcosmet Cellmen Switzerland

Unique know-how in the world

Brands and Cellcosmet Cellmen originate scientific and human achievements.
They have an excellent reputation for technology, quality and accuracy.
The passion of their founders is the basis of their international success in the world of skin care.

The term cosmeceutical relates cellular products and phyto. This terminology is the contraction of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic terms due to their highly specialized and highly concentrated formulations.

Cellmen is a range of products, while the specific Men Cellcosmet is a range for women.


Products manufactured in Switzerland

The stabilization of oxygen in a cream is the main raw material of cosmetics Karin Herzog.

Patented worldwide, the invention of Dr. Paul Herzog allows you to make a healthy and appropriate for each skin type life.

With the combination of oxygen and vitamin A, the recognition and reputation of Karin Herzog in the cosmetic world is second to none. The range is popular with international stars.


25 years of passion and creativity

Over 20 years of creation in the service of the ephemeral and wonderful art of makeup to give you a range of professional products of exceptional quality always at the right price. A team of professionals, a -make knowledge and respect for the environment, this is what characterizes Serge Louis Alvarez makeup.